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Team Beneficial at The Oval 🏏

I can’t believe that it’s been a couple of months since my last post, and over a week since our event at The Oval Cricket Ground.

I really enjoyed the June event at the Etihad stadium, but I think we did even better this time around. The feedback we’ve had certainly suggests it. This time around, we went for a round-table format. It means that there is a lot more interaction between lender and broker, and amongst brokers - in other words, more chat all round, and more value overall.

“It was most definitely worth the travel down, I got so much out of it”

I have to admit I was slightly nervous this one as I was giving a short intro at the beginning. I’ve done little ‘public speaking’ in the past and so it was a useful experience for me and, to be honest, it’s something I would like to do more of for my own learning and growth.

It was made easier by my colleagues though, in particular Emma who I was presenting with, and Lee who played the biggest role in putting the event together. It sounds like a cliche sometimes when we talk about ‘team effort’ but, as ever, it really was.

(Some of) the team: Lee, Emma, Jas + Mike

(Some of) the team: Lee, Emma, Jas + Mike

For the Manchester event I had only just started and so was meeting our advisers for the first time; this time around it was nice to say hello to advisers I’d spoken to and seen previously. I was quite amazed by the whole feel of the event; having worked in ‘the City’ previously, this felt a far-cry from one of those dull, corporate affairs.

“Had a fantastic day, thank you to everyone who we met and the Beneficial team for putting on a great event”

It also helped that the weather was superb, blue skies and sunny, which meant lunch could be served outdoors the views of the cricket ground could be enjoyed from the terrace.

The view from the terrace 👀

The view from the terrace 👀

Whilst we speak to our advisers all of the time, these events provide an opportunity for us all to get together IRL (in real life), and The Oval event was probably one of my favourite days since joining Beneficial.

I’m thinking about the next one already - we hope you can join us there! 😊 I'll leave you with one of our favourite reviews, which really sums up what we're all about...

“I was very surprised at how relaxing the whole event was, I have, of course, been to lots of work functions in the past but they were all more 'stiff upper lip' with everyone in uniform etc however, everyone who was there was happy to meet and talk not only about business but life in general which, in my opinion, made everyone relax....possibly the 'Beneficial Family' touch!!!”




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✏️ Monday, 24th September 2018

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