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My first 2 weeks with Beneficial Life

It’s only been two weeks since I officially started with Beneficial Life, and they have flown by. It’s been eventful too — literally; I found myself attending my very first roadshow event at the Etihad stadium on Wednesday. Admittedly, I’m actually a ‘Red Devil’ (I am from London, after all…), but I have to admit the Etihad is an impressive stadium. I even wore a City-blue blazer on the day in keeping with the theme…

Half-time @ our Etihad event: possibly the best picture I’ve ever taken.

Half-time @ our Etihad event: possibly the best picture I’ve ever taken.

If I am being honest, it hasn’t felt like just two weeks with the company. When I left the world of Financial Services recruitment 3 years ago, I felt fairly confident I wouldn’t be working in financial services ever again, and I was almost certain that I wouldn’t be doing any recruitment. It’s funny how things turn out! Here I am, doing both of those things. I guess the beauty of joining a small company is that there’s always lots to do. As someone who enjoys variety, this is a good thing for me.

Initially, I have been starting to help recruit new advisers onto our network. It’s been an exciting year for Beneficial, and it feels like a great time to be joining. I’ve also been helping to create a new website, and I hope to play a key role in looking after the adviser community and ensuring that the adviser experience is as amazing as possible — especially as we grow. After all, we only exist because of our advisers.

Speaking of community, these quarterly roadshow events are going to play a significant role in doing just that. My favourite part of Wednesday’s event was meeting some of our adviser members for the first time, and also seeing them spend time talking to one another. The value of our community is huge — and I feel that the best networks are those which help foster a culture where advisers have the opportunity to share advice and ideas and, most importantly, make friends.

I was aware that I’d be entering a close-knit family here at Beneficial, but any concern I had had about coming in was quickly alleviated. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming — it already feels like I’ve known them a lot longer than I have!

Especially whilst I’m new to the world of mortgages, there has inevitably been a learning curve. Special mentions go to Nick and Mike (we call him ‘OB’ — his surname’s O’Brien, and it helps differentiate him from the other Mike in the team, aka ‘Coley’) for putting up with my questions, and also to Lee, Amanda, Carrie + the rest of the team for doing the same. As is always the case, I’m learning as I go, and I’m being honest about my recently joining the business, and therefore not quite knowing everything as yet.

Next week is my first full week working in London (as a team, we’re split between London and Manchester) and I’m looking forward to meeting various prospective advisers over the coming days, along with the wise Mike ‘OB’ (it’s difficult not to mention him without thinking about that guy from Star Wars…). Our new website is almost ready-to-launch as well, and I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback on that.

Going back to the Etihad event, the day went smoothly (bar some initial IT connectivity issues — #alwaystheway) and initial feedback gathered has been promising. It was nice chatting to a couple of the speakers on the day, too, and I certainly took in lots of information from their various presentations. Getting to sit in the impressive comfy seats on the half-way line was also a bonus, along with the opportunity to use the ‘panoramic’ camera function on the iPhone.

All in all, I can’t complain with how things have gone in my first couple of weeks with Beneficial. I’m already looking forward to our next roadshow event — next stop… London!

A significant proportion of our adviser community are London-based, so I have no doubt the next one will be as popular as this one, if not more so. If you’re interested in coming along, drop me a note: :)

‘till next time,

aka Network Development + Community @ Beneficial Life

Jas Hothi