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The growth we've experienced at Beneficial Life

We have been overwhelmed with the growth at Beneficial since only starting up 12 months ago. We have had an outstanding response to every part of the company and what we have achieved in the last 12 months has blown us all away here at the Beneficial HQ. 


We have taken on so many brokers that have wanted to become part of our network which has meant we have also had to take on more mentors and staff so that everyone has the best service possible, which has also meant we have been able to get some amazing offers for you and your clients.


We very quickly reached top position for best Mortgage Network on the very well known Cherry forum (For those of you know don’t know, Cherry is the go-to place if you’re a mortgage broker to find out everything you need to know, make sure you check that out!) . We have also seen our mentors closely work with everyone joining our network, ensuring that they have all the experience and knowledge that they need when working solo. 


Beneficial is expanding every single day and we can’t wait to see what development it will make in the following 12 months - We have some very exciting meetings happening in the coming months so that we can offer you guys even more! If you’d like to get in touch regarding joining our network then please get in touch 


aka Network Support Manager @ Team Beneficial

Jas Hothi