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Beneficial at the Mortgage Expo

It’s been another week of balancing relationship stuff with head-down stuff. On Tuesday, I found out about the Mortgage Business Expo at the Barbican in London.

I made the trip from SW to Central London to the Barbican for a day of seminars and conversations with lenders and brokers. I saw some familiar faces from our last two events at the Oval and the Etihad, said hello to some of our lenders who I hadn’t yet been in contact with, and others who we don’t currently have a relationship with.

I am slowly beginning to get my head around the world of mortgages, figuring out which lenders specialise in which products, what lenders are good to use for particular clients and scenarios, and so forth. A major theme of this year’s annual Expo was later-life lending, an area I am quite passionate about - particularly as it’s one that is growing as medical advances mean we are living longer, and also given the potential vulnerability of the target audience and thus the need for the highest moral and ethical standards.

Bumping into a couple of familiar faces unexpectedly was also a treat, including a secondary school compatriot who I hadn’t seen in over a decade! It’s a small world. I’m also enjoying getting to know the lenders themselves, both those more “mainstream” and those lesser-known, the under-dogs and potential hidden gems of the mortgage world.

It’s been another week that has flown by, especially with the Expo mid-week, but yet another one of learning. I’ve saved the date for 2019’s Expo already, and am looking forward to making my fortnightly(ish) trip up north next week to meet my colleagues.


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PS. I’m looking to having more conversations next week with our existing advisers - and apologies to those who have had these postponed in the last week or two!

Jas Hothi