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One big family.

Our advisers receive:

- a low fixed monthly cost

- 100% of procuration fees, commission + broker fees

- whole-of-market for mortgages, protection, equity release, commercial + general insurance

- compliance support + live file-checking

- full supervision + comprehensive T&C plan (including a route to competency if applicable)

- an in-house conveyancing panel

- access to our adviser network + forum

What our advisers say:

From top-to-bottom of the UK, here's what our advisers are saying:

Debbie McLaughlin.jpeg

"I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Beneficial Life, the training they offer is excellent, they are always there at the end of the phone or at the enlightening and enjoyable courses they run, I am so pleased I answered their advertising!" - Debbie - Ayr, Scotland

Julia Crump.jpeg

"Beneficial Life have been incredibly supportive and open-minded. I got stung with my previous network with exit fees and I did take my time in joining them as I didn’t want the same to happen again. From what I have experienced they are very transparent and honest which is a rarity in this business and refreshing." - Julia - Dorset, England

PS. And that's exactly why we're ranked #1as a network on Cherry

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